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Plastic – Reducing Plastic Consumption with Dental Products

We already try and reduce our plastic consumption in everyday life but what can we do about the daily dental care products we use?

Did you know that there are a number of Plastic free or Vegan Oral Health Care products on the market?


Bamboo or wooden toothbrushes are available but be careful as some have “pig bristles” and so not one for the vegans! There are toothbrushes made of recycled yoghurt pots which can also be recycled after use.


There are a number of products available in glass jars, however be careful as many of these toothpastes DO NOT contain Fluoride which can affect your risk of tooth decay.

Dental Floss

There are lots of natural flosses available that come in plastic free containers, some are also refillable. Silk floss is coated in beeswax or candilla wax. Most of these do not have a central plastic spool.

Interdental cleaning

With electric tooth brushes these are not Eco friendly – however Colgate are running a recycling system in dental practices were patients can bring in their old oral care products for disposal and Colgate will collect and then donate to charity.


Most of mouthwashes are sold in plastic. The target is to find the most ecological packaging. Here some suggestions.

  • Coconut oil (in glass jar): not only good as toothpaste, even as mouthwash!
  • Various natural mouthwashes, all contained in glass and aluminium [Georganics].
  • Organic eucalyptus hydrosol, contained in glass and aluminium [Biopark Cosmetics].

Be smart and save money

As you see, this is an interesting variety of environment friendly products. Everyone has to choose according to his preferences: practicality, shape, flavour… Search, try and find your perfect toothbrush and paste combo! The same for the floss and everything you need.

Ecological, natural and healthier products are on average more expensive than the plastic ones. Prices will probably decrease in future, but in the meantime, you can save some money following these tips.

  • When you discover a good product, search for it on other websites, of other brands or in stores nearby. You could find better prices or have the chance to make cumulative purchases (see next tips).
  • Buy more items, in family-size, from one seller. (Check all items on their website.) So, you save twice: on the shipment (sometimes free over a given amount) and on the convenience of multiple-packages instead of single ones.

[Two virtuous producers: they use «zero plastic» packaging and answer kindly to users’ requests.
Hydrophil: based in Germany (Hamburg); good assortment of «eco» oral hygiene and personal care products; free shipping in Germany from 10 € and rest of the world from 50 €.
Georganics: based in England (Sussex) with stores all over Europe; excellent assortment of «green» oral hygiene products; free shipping in the UK from 15 £ ≈ 17 €; in Europe from 75 £ ≈ 85 €.]

  • Involve friends and relatives in joining your purchase: you minimize the shipping costs and you could ask for volume discounts.
  • If you have specialised stores nearby, check what they provide, their prices and if they offer volume discounts (same as for the previous tip).

Always remember: when you buy online, ask for plastic-free packaging (better before the purchase). It’s pointless to buy 100% eco-friendly products if they’re sent in bubble wrap and plastic tape.

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