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Children's Dentistry

Free checkups for children of registered patients.

Examination from £45
Hygienist appointment from £60
Fissure sealants from £30

From 20 minutes

Why choose us?
Therapists can review Oral Hygiene with children and demo correct techniques, analyse diet and give dietary advice for decay prevention and can assess for possible orthodontic treatment

Our approach

Our Hygiene Therapists can combine examination and hygiene treatment in one visit covering all that your little ones need to keep their teeth healthy.

Oral hygiene instruction is provided at these visits and an analysis of any dietary factors that could have a negative effect on their dental development.

We firmly believe that prevention is the key to healthy teeth for life and work hard to set them on this journey so they understand the risk factors and learn healthy habits early on.

At the age where the adult dentition is developing we constantly assess if orthodontic treatment is required and refer to our in house orthodontist, Jane Cliff, who can offer a range of treatment options including INVISALIGN.

Our experts

Chloe Squire BSc

Hygienist & Dental Therapist

GDC Number – 260427

Chloe achieved her Degree in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy from the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy in 2019, after achieving her National Diploma in Dental nursing NEBDN in 2015.

Chloe has worked as a locum for the MOD with duties that included nursing and working in CSSD. After her work for HMS Nelson she then moved across to HMS Excellent as a Dental Hygienist, undertaking treatment planning and providing oral health education, treating gingivitis and periodontitis in service personnel.

Chloe is hard working and is passionate about providing a high level of patient care.

Chloe Squire - 5 Dental and Skin

Joanne Barber BSc

Hygienist & Dental Therapist

GDC Number – 137511

Jo started her career in dentistry back in 2001, gaining many years of experience within different roles of the dental team.

Graduating with first class honors, Jo has a very empathetic approach to dentistry, delivering high quality care with a calm and friendly manner.

This enables her to successfully manage and treat many patients, including children and patients with dental phobia.

Joanne Barber BSc - 5 Dental and Skin

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