Dental Fees

5 Dental Care Fee Guide

Contrary to other practices we do not charge a surcharge on any treatments for PPE.

Standard treatments

TreatmentWithout DiscountMembers Pay
Initial Consultation (Excluding Radiographs)£75.00N/A
Adult Dental Health Check£65.00Included in Plan
Child Dental Health Check (up to Age 13 inclusive)£35.00N/A
Young Person Dental Health Check (Age 14-18 inclusive)£45.00Included in Plan
Bitewing X-ray for decay diagnosis/screening£15.00Included
Periapical x-ray for infection diagnosis£15.0010% discount
Large (Panoral) X-ray£50.0010% discount
Child Hygienist Visit (up to Age 13 inclusive)£42.50N/A
Young Person Hygienist Visit (Age 14-18 inclusive)£55.00N/A
Hygienist Visit (30 min Appointment) - Includes Airflow Polishing£80.00Included in Plan
Hygienist Visit (45 min Appointment) - Includes Airflow Polishing£120.00Included in Perio Plan only
White Fillings - Front TeethFrom £120.0010% discount
White Fillings - Back TeethFrom £225.0010% discount
Emax and bonded crownsFrom £975.0010% discount
Bridge UnitsFrom £975.0010% discount
Cosmetic CrownsFrom £1200.0010% discount
Ceramic VeneersFrom £950.0010% discount
Cosmetic Bonding - 4 teethFrom £1800.00N/A
Cosmetic Bonding - 6 teethFrom £2000.00N/A
Cosmetic Bonding - 8 teethFrom £3000.00N/A
Diagnostic Digital ImageFrom £75.00N/A
Trial smile stageFrom £150-£350N/A
Day White Home Teeth WhiteningFrom £450.00N/A
Zoom In Surgery Teeth Whitening including airflowFrom £750.00N/A

Implants and grafting

TreatmentWithout DiscountMembers Pay
Implant Consultation and Report (45 min)£225.00N/A
Implant Placement (single tooth including PRF)From £2500N/A
Bone GraftingAs quotedN/A
Sinus LiftFrom £2400N/A
Implant CrownsFrom £1200N/A


TreatmentWithout DiscountMembers Pay
Periodontal Consultation and Report (1 hr)£250.00N/A
Periodontal TherapyAs quotedN/A

Endodontic and Root Canal

TreatmentWithout DiscountMembers Pay
Endodontic Consultation£150.00N/A
Root Canal Treatment of Incisor/CanineFrom £650.00N/A
Root Canal Treatment of Pre-MolarFrom £650.00N/A
Root Canal Treatment of MolarFrom £850.00N/A
Molar retreatmentFrom £950.00N/A


TreatmentWithout DiscountMembers Pay
SimpleFrom £150.0010% discount
SurgicalFrom £350.00N/A
Wisdom teethFrom £400.00N/A


TreatmentWithout DiscountMembers Pay
Orthodontic Consultation Adult (45mins)£195.00N/A
Orthodontic Consultation Child (up to age 17 incl) (30mins)£120.00N/A
Retention Consultation (30mins)£195.00N/A

Payment Plans

With the exceptions of dental health checks, x-rays and consultations, these fees are intended as a guide only. A written estimate will be provided by your dentist or specialist according to your individual needs.

Payment Plans – We have practice membership plans including a monthly dental assistance scheme for routine dental care. We now offer interest free credit on all treatments over £600.00.