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Plasma Elite Skin Tightening Procedure

What is Plasma Elite Skin Tightening? Plasma Elite, a new era of skin tightening treatments to lift and tighten loose skin. This is a non-invasive procedure. A sterile probe is used to direct the Plasma energy onto the selected area of skin.

How it works. Plasma Elite treatment encourages new cell growth, improves skin tone, texture, reduces scarring and tightens the skin. It lasts up to 3 years depending on skin elasticity and lifestyle. The Fibroblasts cells within the Dermal layer of skin are stimulated to produce new Collagen and Elastin fibres, thus plumping the skin and minimising lines and wrinkles.

Upper and lower eyelid treatment, Plasma Elite at 5 Dental and Skin, Hindhead, Surrey

Upper and lower eyelid treatment

Upper lip rejuvenation

Upper lip rejuvenation, Plasma Elite at 5 Dental and Skin, Hindhead, Surrey

Price from
£250 depending on area treated

Time from
1 hour 15 minutes depending on area treated

To lift and tighten loose skin minimising lines and wrinkles

Our expert

Tricia Bever

Aesthetic Practitioner

Tricia is a Level 4 qualified Aesthetic Practitioner with over 20 years experience in Beauty and Aesthetics.

She has worked and taught at reputable Skin Clinics & Dental Practices in the South Coast area.

Her passion is Skin Health to address concerns, improve and treat skin conditions.

Tricia provides a warm friendly and professional approach to our patients.

Tricia Bever, 5 Dental and Skin

Plasma Elite offers the ideal treatment for:

Eyelids/Eyebags/Crows feet

Browlift/Smokers lines

Bunny lines/Glabella


Plasma Elite FAQ

Plasma Elite FAQ

A full consultation at least one week prior to the procedure is carried out. This is to access suitability of the client’s skin for treatment.

Immediately following the treatment brown crusts will development on the treatment area. These will eventually flake off usually within 2 weeks after treatment. Redness and swelling especially in the eye area can last a few days after treatment.  The skin will feel tight and like sunburn. This will subside as the natural healing process of the skin takes place.

The Plasma skin tightening procedure is non invasive and providing full aftercare advice is followed, correct healing will take place. Please do not pick at the skin as this can cause scarring and avoid sun exposure on the newly treated skin which will be sensitive the suns UV rays.

A topical numbing cream is applied pre procedure to the treatment area. Some heat may be felt during treatment.

Full aftercare advice is given together with a SPF50 sunscreen and a healing balm. Avoid sun exposure, swimming, saunas, sunbeds, as the skin will be sensitive. Do not pick at the skin as this will affect healing and can cause scarring or pitting.

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