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5 Dental Fee Increase and Membership Savings

Fee Increase and Membership Savings

Dear patient,

Many thanks for your continued patronage this year. It has been a tough time for us all navigating between lockdowns, Covid infections and all that the world has thrown our way. The latest variant may bring further challenges but we have continued with our stringent clinical protocols to keep the team and patients protected.

I am sure you will join me in thanking our very devoted team of clinical and non-clinical staff who have continued to provide the highest level of care in trying times of Covid restrictions and guidelines imposed by Public Health England.

The profession is struggling to keep valuable staff as many have left to seek easier working lives, unable to cope with these restrictions. I have been extremely lucky to have a great team who have adapted admirably to the changes and have taken all in their stride.

However their endeavours cannot go unrewarded. Together with this and a profound increase in our overheads with continued PPE and increased suppliers costs we have needed to analyse our fees across the board.

There will be a general increase in our fees as listed as can be found here. However we will be adjusting these fees on our Classic Membership Plan to pass on greater savings to you. All of our Membership schemes will now include Bite Wing (decay detecting) x-rays as well as the 10% discount on routine care*.

The savings on all plans can be seen in the table below.

Number of Annual Examinations Number of Annual Hygiene Appointments Current Monthly Fees Monthly Fees after April 1st 2022 Annual Saving Including X-Rays
Welcome Care Plan 1 2 x 30 mins £15.50 £17.50 £45.00
Classic Care Plan 2 2 x 30 mins £20.00 £22.50 £50.00
Enhanced Care Plan 1 3 x 30 mins £21.00 £24.00 £64.00
Enhanced Plus Care Plan 2 3 x 30 mins £25.00 £28.00 £47.00
Advanced Care Plan 2 4 x 30 mins £31.00 £35.00 £60.00
Young Adult Care Plan 1 2 x 30 mins £14.00 £16.00 £30.00
Perio Care Plan 1 4 x 45 mins £38.50 £42.00 £71.00

In addition to this the Membership fees will not increase until the 1st April 2022 whereas the general fee increase will occur on 1st January 2022. All estimates that have been provided this year will be valid until 31st January 2022 to give clients the opportunity to complete treatments at the 2021 fee scale.

If you are interested in a Membership scheme to take advantage of the savings please contact info@5dental.co.uk.

Existing Members will be contacted by Practice Plan directly regarding their monthly payments.

Alternatively if you wish to discuss any of the above with myself, please contact me on emma@5dental.co.uk.

We wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Emma Clayton-Jones

*excludes specialist services for example root treatments, implants, periodontics, orthodontics and facial treatments.

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