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Women Are Turning to Advanced Aesthetic Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

Women are turning to advanced aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation.

There has been a rise in pre-menopausal women seeking advanced aesthetic treatments, according to UK experts.

In a bid to tackle anti-ageing concerns like collagen loss, female patients are turning to advanced aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation.

The rise has been attributed to a better understanding of the available cosmetic treatments and how they can benefit women approaching and entering menopause.

One of these advanced aesthetic treatments is micro needling. Ideal for boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines in specific areas, SkinPen is a micro needling device that can benefit women looking to address ageing concerns.

Below we’ll discuss some of the factors that affect menopausal women and in particular how the skin changes. You’ll also find some information about how micro needling treatments can boost your skin, whether you’re 25, 35, 45, 55 or 65.

How does the skin change before and during menopause?

Some women find the process harder than others and seek treatments to help them feel more confident in their appearance. Every woman is an individual, and each experience is different.

As the body stops making as much collagen, women also lose some fat under the skin and the skin’s natural elasticity drops. This can be accompanied by issues associated with hormonal changes such as dryness, fine lines and sagging skin.

What can help improve issues associated with menopausal skin?

For some women, HRT can increase skin hydration and therefore elasticity, but for many advanced aesthetic treatments may provide better results. HRT should not be relied upon alone to improve ageing signs.

What treatments are available to improve menopausal skin complaints?

There are advanced aesthetic treatments that may improve the skin of women who are of menopausal age. As the aim is to strengthen collagen and boost skin elasticity, making medical micro needling an ideal choice.

Micro needling treatments are designed to damage the skin in a controlled way, using tiny needles. This process encourages the skin to heal stronger than before.

The most advanced way to do this is by using a micro needling pen like SkinPen.

Who is suitable for this type of treatment?

Anti-ageing treatments should only be given after a full consultation, and it’s important to ensure suitability before going ahead with any treatment is offered.

Is micro needling safe for women going through menopause?

As far as advanced aesthetic treatments go, micro needling is considered a safe and reliable treatment, for women of all skin types and ages.

SkinPen is FDA cleared and carries the CE Mark, meaning patients can be confident they’re being treated using a certified device.

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