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5 Dental Care Bespoke Implant Experience

Bespoke Implant Experience

Why choose an implant

Losing a tooth can be very distressing, and with so many factors it is important to understand your options before making a choice on treatment. Our teeth play a big role in the health and shape of our jaw bone, if one or more teeth are lost over time the shape of the face can change.

Having implants solve this problem as they mirror the action of the original root, mimicking the chewing forces to the jaw bone in the most natural way. This can not be achieved with any other methods including partial prosthesis or bridges.

Bhavin Pitamber’s unique approach to dental implants, Periodontal and Peri-Implant treatment, is unlike any other. At No. 5 we have an implant dream team who provide excellence at every stage of the journey.

Our process

No two mouths are the same so we believe that your implant experience should be tailored specifically to you. We start your journey with a 1 hour appointment with our expert to go over your medical history and assess your mouth.

We will discuss with you a detailed explanation of the procedures involved and what the timeline will look like, using state of the art video imaging and tooth models. Once any x-ray or scan is complete a detailed written plan will be created to make sure you are fully informed and understand the appointment schedules and costs.

Once you are happy with your chosen treatment option and signed all your consent forms – you will be provided with a surgery date.


As a tried and tested treatment over many years and millions of patients, there are many benefits to having our bespoke implant treatment. They look natural and maintain the health and appearance of the jaw bone. They are comfortable and stable and are a great long term solution. In most cases they can be more cost-effective than a conventional bridge. With a key focus on healing and minimising potential for post operative pain and discomfort. Bhavin’s cutting edge PRF technique really is the work of a professional making our bespoke implant experience very popular with our patients.

Meet the Implant Dream Team

To achieve the very best, we need to be the very best and this includes having the perfect team. We are lucky at No. 5 to have an exceptionally skilled team who are united in putting our patients first.

5 Dental Care Implant Dream Team


When choosing the clinic for your implant treatment consider all aspects of your journey from customer service to cutting edge technology and teamwork. We tick all the boxes.

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